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Mar 7, 2024

For the last instalment in the Dubai Files, Felix sits down with Manuel Emch, the creative mind behind the resurgence of Louis Erard, which has evolved over the last few years from a middle-of-the-road value proposition into a powerhouse of collaboration. Enlisting help from people like Alain Silberstein and Konstantin Chaykin has seen Louis Erard become one of the most interesting names in watchmaking at the moment. All thanks to the Emch, a man with a reputation for putting out fires. Felix finds out about Emch, his approach to watches and what might happen to Louis Erard when collabs go out of favour. Before that, Andy and Felix chat about their trip to Sydney for an evening with Kennedy, and the joys of soapbox racers.

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Show Notes:

  1. Red Bull's Soapbox Rally
  2. Kart Racer
  3. True Detective Night Country
  4. Kennedy 
  5. Andy and Felix at Kennedy Star
  6. Manuel Emch on Instagram
  7. Louis Erard on Instagram

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