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Aug 31, 2020

Today's guest has amassed quite the resume. Roger Cruickshank is an Olympian, RAF Pilot, Distinguished Flying Cross recipient and author. In our conversation with Roger, we quickly discovered that his journey wasn't an easy one. A talented skier from an early age, Roger had to make tough decisions about choosing to pursue his dream of being a professional skier, or becoming a pilot, eventually choosing the latter. Luckily the RAF supported his Olympic dream and Cruickshank was on course to do both. Until a debilitating accident in 2005 grounded him and shattered his sporting dreams.

But in a comeback story worthy of Hollywood, Cruickshank pushed through rehabilitation to qualify and compete in the Turin Winter Olympics, and have a long and distinguished RAF career, much of it in Eurofighter Typhoons. Of course, we quiz Cruickshank on the important business of pilot's watches, and if he ever checks his Breitling, Bremont or Casio in the cockpit. On a more serious note, Cruickshank is also a keen mental health advocate, a Headfit ambassador and co-author of the book Speed of Sound, Sound of Mind, in which Cruickshank explores the importance of mental resilience beyond the 'stiff upper lip' approach.

This episode is made possible by our sponsor, William Wood Watches.

Full show notes here:

  1. Roger Cruickshank on Instagram

  2. Speed of Sound, Sound of Mind on Amazon

  3. Headfit

  4. OT: The Podcast - Flt Lt Nathan Jones: RAF Hero, Invictus Games Medalist, Bremont/Lululemon ambassador.

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