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Jul 23, 2020

In 2014 Flight Lieutenant Nathan Jones was co-pilot on a routine military transit flight from the UK to Afghanistan when the flight suddenly plummeted over 4000 feet in a matter of seconds. Listen to our interview with Nathan to find out what happened and how he managed to prevent the death of the near-200 passengers on board. Trust us; you’ll want to hear this from the man himself.

And while this is a clear moment of heroism in Nathan Jones’ career as an RAF pilot, it’s not the only story he has to tell. Jones is also an Invictus Games medalist and has recently spent his hours aloft flying some very VIPS indeed, the Royal Household. And of course, because this is OT: we know that Jones is a fan of watches - in fact, he’s a Bremont ambassador.

On top of that, Jones reps Lululemon as well. But in some ways it’s Jones’ on-the-ground work he’s most passionate about, using his experiences to advocate for and educate around improving mental health and resilience.

This episode is made possible by Muyshondt Electric Torches.


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